Bite a mouthful of steamed marshmallow-like bao and melt-in-yourmouth tender red-braised pork belly…Gua bao is one of the most famous Taiwanese street food. The classic flavour is tender braised pork belly garnished with stir-fried pickled mustard greens and ground peanuts, and we have developed a various flavour to match the soft fluffy Gua Bao.
In Taiwan, Gua Bao has a vivid nickname called“Tiger bites pig” as the piece of braised pork belly encased within the steamed white bao likens a piece of meat being held in the mouth of a tiger. And it is also known as “Taiwanese burger” all over the world. Traditionally in the lunar new year, Taiwanese eat Gua Bao as a festival food offer to the Earth God, due to its clam-shelled shape is similar to a wallet overflowing with cash, what a delicious lucky wallet!